Repair and Refurbishment

Get the most value out of your returns and promote brand loyalty.

Versocet provides a complete suite of cosmetic and functional repair capabilities covering anything from software related issues to highly technical board repairs.

Our Repair and Refurbishment programs can bring new life and increased value into your returned goods. We can tailor the solution to meet your desired standards.

  • Functional and cosmetic repair and refurbishment for retail resale, selling into secondary markets or swap stock support
  • Data sanitization, functional testing and grading for Trade In, Take Back or Buy Back programs
  • Logistics, repair, config and pack for Loaners, Hot Swaps, Demos or Rentals
  • Parts harvesting for repair reuse, rework or sale.
  • Responsible recycling of non-repairable goods and accessories
  • Returns mitigation through returns analysis, trending and failure root cause analysis