About Us

Experts in Returns Management and Repair in the Wireless and Consumer Electronics industries

We are a reverse logistics provider with over 30 years’ experience. Our leadership have been involved in pioneering current trends in the industry with international companies like Blackberry, Amazon, Elcoteq and Teleplan.

We have seen the reverse logistics industry evolve from the back room, seldom mentioned, rarely considered by corporate executives, hidden in the corner department to a fully recognized business and important aspect of the corporate ecosystem. Quality conscious companies started seeing the vital importance of including returns data in design engineering to improve products and reduce warranty costs. Added environmental focus in all aspects of our lives has driven corporate responsibility to the forefront making ecologically sound, effective and ethical reverse logistics processes of the utmost importance.

All of the focus has driven a significant convergence in the reverse logistics industry reducing your options in selecting a partner that will offer you the quality of service, cost of service and attention that you need to support your products and customers. Versocet assures those key differentiators. We are not a large multi channeled mega corporation, a distributor or freight provider claiming to be able to offer every service to every customer. We are an organization sized to focus on your specific needs.

Many suppliers will simply provide a service. Versocet provides value. You shouldn’t need to hire staff dedicated to managing your supplier. If you do, then your supplier is not providing enough value. Versocet will provide services to manage your returns for you and, in doing so, provide important value to allow your limited resources the time to perform other critical functions.

Versocet is R2, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 certified for testing, grading and repair of mobile and other electronic devices.